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Psoriatic arthritis in my hands

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been bothered with pain and stiffness in my finger joints. In Novemeber 2008 the 4th finger on my right hand became fat, swollen, red and very very tender. It was hard to sleep because  even turning over was painful. Since then a similar thing has happened to the 5th finger and the middle finger on my left hand.

Just now (touch wood), they are stiff but only hurt if I bang into something. I can’t bend them properly or straighten them and it’s getting harder to grip things (like jar lids), but I can still type, obviously, as I am typing this.

I’ll post up these pictures, in case they help someone else looking for a diagnosis, it also means I’ll have a point of comparison to look back on. Don’t use this picture on your website (or anywhere else) without emailing me and asking my permission.

Hands July 2009

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