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Excercise for Arthritis – CDs and DVDs

Here is a link to a leaflet describing some exercises for psoriatic arthritis. (there are other general leaflets on psoriasis too.)  It is from the papaa. I’ve been on their website before.  I find it confusing, hard to navigate and impossible to find downloads and information, so before I lose it, I’ll post a link to this leaflet.


I’ve been looking for a DVD on arthritis/excercise/pilates but the ones on Amazon look old and get crap reviews. There is an audio CD on this “Mind Your Body” website, it’s in the yoga section and is called befriend your arthritis.  I haven’t tried it, but I might add it to my wish list. I have listened to one of her other CD’s and quite like it.


I suppose I should give the Arthritis Care CD a go, if anyone knows about arthritis it should be them!


If anyone has any suggestions for exercises or relaxation DVD’s or CD’s please let me know. I’m more interested in suggestions from people who have arthritis and have tried them than from people trying to sell me stuff 🙂

The papaa website also suggested this book: Treating Arthritis with Exercise.


The trouble is it promises to “cure” my arthritis so I am immediately put off it. Some people sometimes have a spontaneous remission (I’m thinking more of PA and RA than osteoarthritis here.)  I doubt anyone is ever cured. I don’t believe I got arthritis because I didn’t move my joints, therefore why should I assume moving them will cure me?

Here is one on armchair exercises: Rosies Armchair Exercises.


This DVD – Leanne Gorse – Chair Workout has had some good reviews


I used to go to Tai Chi and Pilates classes, but the classes around here are £10 a time, I wish I got paid that much!

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