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Quaker Poems – U A Fanthorpe

I just discovered that one of the poets that I really enjoy (U A Fanthorpe) was a Quaker and passed away earlier this year. (yes I know, I may as well have been living under a rock, it’s obvious from a quick google search that she was a quaker and that this informed a lot of her writing).  If I like a poet (or a piece of music), I tend to just “like it” and find turning into an academic enquiry usually makes me like it less, not more which is probably why I didn’t make any effort to learn more about UA Fanthorpe. Interestingly, she used to work at Burden Neurological Hospital, I wonder what she thought about it being painted bright yellow and turned into expensive flats?

This blog, “Bookkake” give some examples of her work. I like the WD40 poem, I have it in a poetry collection. I have also read some of her Christmas poems in an Oxford anthology of poetry. I ‘ll need to look them up again.

St George and the Dragon

“Automatic transmission and built-in

This line reminds me of another poet (possibly Philip Larkin? The Whitsun Weddings“)

“until the next town, new and non descript.
Approached with acres of dismantled cars.”

I like poetry, when my daughter was born about the only reading I managed to do was read one poem a day from the anthology “Poem for the Day Two“. Some days I didn’t read any and had to catch up by gorging on 5 poems at the weekend when my husband had the kids. Yep there’s a lot to be said for short bits of writing that exercise your brain.

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