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A Psoriatic Arthritis Blog, I found one!

Well, I’m pleased to report that I found another blog on psoriatic arthritis.  In fact it’s so similar to what I am writing here that I almost feel there isn’t any point in writing this, except of course that I am writing this blog as much for my own good as anyone elses!

It is hosted on Blogger and is called “Understanding Psoriatic Arthritis“.

The woman who writes the blog is living in America, so she has the option of “interviewing” her doctors.  Not something that’s available to us in the UK, where it’s very much a case of “you get what you are given”. What also struck me is that she is a skinny and left-handed mother, so there must be a connection.  (In fact there is actually, left handed people are more likely to develop autoimmune diseases).

“Excuses to avoid physical activity fall easily from my tongue, and as long as I stay slender, I use those same excuses on the critics inside my head. I live in a cerebral fantasy world in which if I’m smart, productive and thin, I don’t need to exercise my body.”


I could have written this myself.  (I have a bike, I just haven’t ridden it, since, oh my daughter was born over two years ago…)

As for the left-handed thing, I’m sure I read somewhere that left handers are more likely to die young and I think it makes you more likely to get other diseases, like breast cancer (as if the autoimmune diseases aren’t bad enough). See here for more details


I’ve read through most of the posts and in a way it’s like reading my future, I haven’t started on the scary drugs yet, but to be honest, I think it’s only a matter of time.

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