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N=1 Stiff neck, sore shoulder

This will be a short post, the left side of my neck continues to be stiff and my left shoulder still hurts so typing is uncomfortable.  I know none of this is helped by my poor posture and my tendency to surf the internet, while sitting on the sofa watching tv, none the less, I still feel like moaning about it!

N=1 is an idea I have stolen from the “Understanding Psoriatic Arthritis” blog. In medical research/statistics the “N” number, is the number of people you’ve done an experiment on.  The higher the N number the “better” the experiment.  If N=1 then it could be just a chance finding and not important.  So when I write a post called N=1 it means it is just about me and my experience, it might not apply to anyone else and I’m writing the post for my own personal benefit. N=1 might be unimportant scientifically but when your “the one”, it certainly is important to you!

Every morning I wake up, I try and gauge how stiff and tired I am. I definitely find it harder to toss and turn in bed. When my neck is stiff it’s actually quite hard to lift my head up, I also find that to protect my sore hips and lower back I instinctively keep my knees together before I roll over. I think this was something I started doing when I was pregnant. I had some problems with my pelvis when I was pregnant, getting in and out of the car or the bath hurt like h*ll and keeping my knees together helped. I wonder if it helps with the arthritis pain or if it’s just making it worse.  Who knows?  It’s hard to tell when N=1! If I get refered to a physio I’ll need to ask.  Do you get physios that specialise in arthritis?

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