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Arthritis research, who decides?

Scientists at universities write grants to charities, like the Arthritis Research Campaign.  These grants are often 40 pages or more and take months to write.  Usually a young researchers job hangs in the balance. If the grant is rejected the researcher is out of a job, if it is accepted they have work for another 2-3 years.

Scientists who head labs, spend their lives writing these applications, often 10 or more a year to keep their research going.  Lab heads don’t work in labs, they sit at computers and type, otherwise their ideas and research simply wouldn’t get done.

I don’t think this system is great, not for the scientists and not for the patients. More charities are trying to involve patients, asking them what grants should be funded (as most grants are rejected).

If you are in the UK and want to help the Arthritis Research Campaign make these sorts of decisions then have a read of this article



Do I think involving patients in grant decisions is a good idea?  I’m not sure. Would I want to choose?  Would I want to put a researcher out of a job? Scientists spend decades gaining the knowledge to put this applications together, is it fair for a lay person to judge in a one hour meeting?  Would I approve PA applications over RA, because I have PA? Would these committees be as biased as the scientists? Do I want to travel to Manchester or London? Nah, too far, I’m too achey.  Decision made!

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