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Ugh, I am so tired. Fatigue and psoriatic arthritis

The title says it all. I feel so tired. I ache. My arms and legs feel like lead. The worst time is between 4-6pm. Even if I lie down for half an hour at 3pm, I still struggle to get dinner ready, entertain the kids and get tided up afterwards. I wish there was a drug I could take to make me feel less tired.

WebMD has 10 tips to fight psoriatic arthritis fatigue, there are some good suggestions but I still don’t know how to get through the evening meal/bed routine.

1 Change your schedule – well I used to work a full time job and a part-time one on top, now I just look after the kids and work from home.  There’s not much more I can cut out!

2 Get enough sleep – I usually take 30 minutes to 1 hour to fall asleep, I always have, once I am asleep I sleep through, I could try going to bed earlier, but then I’d lose the little free time I do have. I am definitely getting a good 6-7 hours sleep a night, so I’m not complaining, long may it continue.

3 Excercise 30 minutes a day -well, we have two dogs, I walk them twice a day (my husband walks them first thing) so I am getting excercise.  Anyone who has two toddlers will know that you don’t spend much time sitting still.

4 Prioritize – Playing with the kids is more important than housework.  Yep, no arguments there, as long as my house isn’t a health hazard I’m not too bothered .

5 Seek Support – So far I’ve online done this online, checking out the National Psoriasis Forums (http://talkpsoriasis.org) and Arthritis Care Forums, both  have loads of information and a supportive community. I think that most of the local groups are likely to be full of 60-80 year olds and I’d feel quite out of place.

6 Treat depression – My life is good, I don’t feel depressed, just tired. I always feel happier when it’s sunny though, maybe I should try some vitamin D supplements?

7 Eat Right- I do enjoy food and I don’t want my children eating crap, so we do eat three meals a day, very little of what we eat is processed. I’ve heard that potatoes and tomatoes can make arthritis worse, but I like potatoes and tomatoes and I don’t want to cut them out of my diet.  I did try and avoid tomatoes for a while, do you know how many things contain tomatoes?  A lot more than I realised!

8 Support your joints – Use braces and supportive footwear when your joint are inflammed. I always wear MBT shoes, they are one of the few things that help, although my last pair have worn out a lot quicker than any of my previous pairs, I might look for other shoes with rocking soles when I need to replace them, MBTs are too expensive.

9 Do something you enjoy. – Well, I like to play the flute, I still can, even with my swollen fingers, I’m glad I don’t make my living with music, or I’d be in real trouble. I usually pay for it the next day my fingers are ofter more red and painful. Maybe I should find a more “arthritis freindly” hobby. I probably only have time to do fun stuff once or twice a week, it’s hard when the kids are so little, I don’t get much time to myself.

10 Streess Reduction – I do have a breathworks relaxation CD that I use once or twice a month, maybe I should use it more often.  I also have a CD by Jon Kabat Zinn. I really appreciate the time I spend at Quakers, but I know I need to make more time for daily silence. So easy in theory, so hard in practice!

Well, lots of ideas, but I don’t think I’m any further forward in coping with the tiredness. I’m waiting on the results of more blood tests to rule out anemia and thyroid problems, but last time these were checked they were fine, so I do think the tiredness is down to the psoriatic arthritis. I wish I could figure this one out, maybe I just need to accept that this is how my life will be, at least until I start on the DMARDs.

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