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Do you watch the news everyday? Does it matter?

I read this quote in Catherine Whitmires “Plain Living – A Quaker Path to Simplicity” and it stuck in my mind.

Pg 34

“History does not happen by the day. Once I read every copy of a leading newspaper from January to September 1870, with the intention of discovering the nature of the historical forces of that period. What I did discover was a host of superficialities, fleeting illusions and enormous blindspots to what was really going on…

George Peck 1973

Is constant information a good thing, why do we want to watch disasters unfolding, second by second on 24 hour news channels. If we don’t avail ourselves of this constant stream of information are we bad citizens.  How much do we really know about what is going on in the world?  How biased is news reporting?

I bet most of the goods I own are made by some of the worlds poorest people, struggling to exist. Why then do I buy into the glossy advertising.? If I know this, why don’t I act on it? A jar of fairtrade coffee and some fair trade bananas aren’t going to change the world. Why don’t I consider the human impact of my purchases everytime I shop?  Because it’s too difficult? Because there aren’t many ethical alternatives? What good is all this information if it is not acted upon? What good am I?

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