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what does that word mean?

Ankylosis – stiffness or fusion of a joint (from the Greek word “bent”)

Excrescences (eks-KRESS-en-sus) – bony outgrowth (also called enthesophytes)

Periosteal new bone formation(periostisis)

Distinctive musculoskeletal features of spondyloarthritis diseases:
1)Spondylitis – Inflammation of the vertebral disks.
2)Sacroiliitis – Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint.
3)Enthesitis – Inflammation of the entheses, the regions of bone where tendons and
ligaments insert

syndesmophyte (“an osseous excrescence attached to a
ligament”). Subperiosteal new bone formation ensues and vertebrae change from a normal
hourglass shape to a more square shape.

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