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What Quakers Belive/What a meeting is like

Quakers – encyclopedia article – Citizendium

They believe that a true church is created by the fellowship of man rather than a building people meet in to worship. Small groups of Quakers gather weekly for devotion in “meetings” where members usually sit together silently in a bare room, waiting for the Inward Christ to speak through one of them who may be inspired to “give testimony.” There is no altar, no recitation of prayers, and no hymn singing at the meeting

From the beginning, Quakers have had an aversion to set creeds. For this reason, while most would agree that Quakerism is a Christian tradition, there are growing numbers, especially in the United Kingdom and other places where the liberal unprogrammed tradition predominates, who do not personally regard themselves as Christian, instead identifying as non-theist, humanist, agnostic, universalist or in some cases as belonging to another religious tradition. Quakers – encyclopedia article – Citizendium


In the Quaker faith, the word “testimony” is used to describe a “living truth within the human heart as it is acted out in everyday life.”[4] A testimony differs from a creed in that they are spiritually, inwardly governed by the individual and are not imposed upon the membership. They serve as basic guidelines to live by, with the flexibility to be interpreted by the individual “under the Light.”

* Testimony of Peace – This is the testimony that Quakers are most known for. It stems from their belief in human equality and their conviction that love is at the heart of existence. Quakers live this testimony by being actively involved in peace activism.
* Testimony of Simplicity – The call for simple living and resisting the temptation of material dependencies in order to maintain spiritual responsiveness.
* Testimony of Truth and Integrity – The belief that truth should be spoken in all aspects of life.
* Testimony of Equality – The belief that all humans are of equal spiritual worth. It rejects the social class hierarchy and encourages equal treatment in all areas for all human beings.

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