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Funky arthritis gadgets

Yesterday I uploaded a whole heap of random notes I had been storing in firefox scribe fire.  Firefox was getting slow to load, so I thought I would have a clear out and ended up posting them here.  They are just random bits of information I want to remember, or at least be able to find again at a later date.

Anyway, while browsing I came across an online store for funky arthritis gadgets called “Funky Arthur – Modern Arthritis Aids Online“.  It’s a really nicely designed website, clean and easy to navigate, I haven’t bought anything from them, although their angled knives look interesting, my husband is always complaining that I hack the cheese block to death (mind you I’ve been doing that for years so I’m not sue I can blame the arthritis…)

I really don’t like people calling arthritis “arthur”.  Seems ridiculous to me. We don’t call cancer “crabby”. I’d be insulted if someone asked me if my “arthur” was playing up, it sounds patronising and condescending. Maybe that’s just me.

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