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OUCH ****

Not a great weekend pain wise.  My left ankle has been bothering me for the past month (swelling up and down), when it’s been bad I’ve been limping.  As a result my left hip has been achy too. Not bad enough to bother the doctor, but certainly making life harder. Until last night, I couldn’t lift my legs into bed, there was a certain point that caused the most intense screaming pain I’ve experienced (worse than labour). 9.5 on my pain scale if you want to be scientific about it.  Once I’d got into bed (20 minutes later) it was alright, as long as I didn’t lie on my left side.  Surprisingly enough I slept alright, unfortunately, in the morning, once I had stood up, I couldn’t sit back down again without the same screaming pain. I will need to make a doctors appointment next week, I really, really hope this isn’t a permanent feature.

Another downside is that I’ve spent most of today sleeping, moving every hour or two to stop myself seizing up, which means my husband has had to entertain the children so now I have bad mother guilt too. Sigh.

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