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Illness – Art of Living Havi Carel

I’d like to read this book, maybe it’s quakerly maybe it should be in the arthritis category. I don’t know. I haven’t read much philosphy before and this looks like a reasonable place to start.

Illness – Art of Living Havi Carel


can I be ill and happy? Here we learn of the complexities of illness, and the nature of chronic illness, and how this shifts the relationship between health and illness. I found that what was particularly instructive about Carel’s arguments and insights here, was that in insisting that illness and health are not binary opposites, and thereby disrupting a powerful dichotomy, she demonstrates to us that there is a kind of permeation of health and illness with each other, and that all of our bodies are permeated with bits of illness and bits of health in a way that doesn’t allow them to be set up as opposites of each other;


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