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Psoriatic Arthritis in my Hands & Pregnancy

Well, it’s been a year since I last posted photos of my hands.  One year on, I am pregnant, in my third trimester (33 weeks to be exact) and my arthritis has been in remission for several months.  I don’t have any joint pain. I don’t have any swelling.  The joints that have been damaged still have a limited range of motion, but they don’t hurt!

I thought I’d post these pictures and compare them with July 2009.  The psoriasis in my nails is actually worse than it’s ever been (not that I’m complaining, sore flaky nails don’t bother me nearly as much as fingers, hips and ankles that don’t bend!)  Although my joints are in remission, the skin plaques are the same as they’ve always been no better or worse with the pregnancy.  My digital camera is almost 10 years old and you really can’t pick out the nail changes to clearly, but the lack of joint swelling is pretty obvious.  If only I could bottle whichever pregnancy hormone has put the arthritis into remission…

As always, if you want to use this photo, contact me first.

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