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Parenting Books – What do you suggest?

One thing I do when I’m pregnant that I don’t do at any other time is read books on parenting.  I’m not sure why, but there is something about being pregnant that makes me want to know what other people think.

I read widely but I can’t say I follow one specific “approach” or “method”.  I like to experiment with different ideas and see what works for us (after all, there is no bigger biology experiment than your children!).  I think I’m a bit of an idea junkie, I like collecting ideas and theories I also really like practical suggestions, real life anecdotes, sample conversations and tips.  I also prefer that some of these fashionable theories (and most of these books are just that, fashionable theories) to be backed up by some research other than the  “well I tried it on my kids and they’re perfect”.

What I would really, REALLY like to find is a book on Quaker parenting, obviously no one quaker parent is going to have all the answers, but something like Quaker Faith and Practice that has lots of different views would be REALLY useful.  Of course there are passages on parenting in Quaker Faith and Practice, but I’d like something more in depth, something more specific to different age ranges and preferably something practical that you can dip in and out of.

I have never believed my children are part of me, they have always had their own unique spirit and I find it really odd when parenting books go to great lengths to point this out as if it’s “news”.  I wouldn’t want a Quaker  book on parenting to focus entirely on the spiritual, on a day to day basis, dealing with behaviour and learning to get on with others is what takes up most of my time and the more ideas I have then the more options are at my disposal when things go wrong,

Books I’ve read and like!

Quaker Faith and Practice

Mommy Mantras

The Pocket Parent

How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk

Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children

Plain Living – A Quaker Path to Simplicity

Books I’ve got some ideas from but wouldn’t necessarily read again

What mothers do (especially when it looks like nothing)

The contented little baby book

Baby proofing your marriage


On my “to read” list (if every day was 48 hours long and I had time to sit and read!)

Positive parenting for a peaceful world

Phases of childhood – Growing in Body Soul and Spirit

Buddhism for mothers with lingering questions.

Parenting and Arthritis

So what about the other part of my life?  How do you combine being a parent and having arthritis.  There are very few books on this.  Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis DO affect women of child bearing age.  As well as preparing for a baby you also have to prepare for a flare of your disease. It raises the whole “should you breast feed or take medication questions” and everybody and their dog seems to have an opinion on this.  The one book I’ve read (you need to order it from Australia) is called “Arthritis, Pregnancy and the Path to Parenthood” by Suzie Edward May.  I’ll write a separate post on it, the book was useful but for me I’m still looking for something that describes the emotional side of being a parent AND dealing with arthritis at the same time.

So. do you have ANY books you can recommend on parenting (I don’t care if they are general, quakerly or arthritic, I’ll read pretty much anything!)