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Things I can do on methotrexate…

Last year I started taking methotrexate.  The first 4 months were rough.  The first 2 months were really rough.  On the plus side after about 6 months I started noticing some changes, and gradually, bit by bit things have started getting better.

1 I have more energy, I no longer feel like I have to lie down at 4pm because I physically can’t keep going.

2 I can think better – thinking is easier, faster less like dragging myself through fog.

3 I have more movement in my joints, I can…

  • turn over in bed, automatically and without thinking about it
  • move my fingers, type and play the flute (not brilliantly but a damn site better than I was)
  • shampoo my hair and wring the water out of it
  • wash my hands without pain
  • stand for long enough to cook tea and wash the dishes!
  • lift a kettle full of boiling water
  • lift something in and out of the oven, without a meticulous plan
  • pick stuff off the floor
  • get down to the floor and back up again
  • stand for long enough to clean my teeth
  • walk on uneven ground or ice and correct my balance
  • run a few steps (if I need to! useful for catching falling children…)
  • get out of bed in the morning and stand up straight

4 Doing my job no longer feels like a herculean effort demanding every last ounce of my strength.

So the down sides.

1 I felt exhausted, wiped out, and breathless for months, although that has passed

2 Nausea, I take it weekly, I still feel sick for 2-3 days

3 I don’t sleep well the night I take it

4 I feel wiped out 2-3 days after taking it

5 The regular blood tests make me feel like a “sick person”

6 My blood counts vary, I’m worried I’ll have to stop taking it.

7 Remembering to refill the prescription is a pain (and the “high risk” sticker never makes me feel good).

8 Every time I get any sort of infection I worry I won’t be able to fight it off.

9 Every time my kids/family/friends get sick I worry I’ll get what they’ve got .

10 What (when?) will it stop working for me?



Food, Recipes and things

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Here are a few links I want to remember

An online convertor

What is creme fraiche?

Soured cream that doesn’t curdle when you heat it.

What is the difference between evaporated and condensed milk?

Evaporated milk is twice as concentrated as “normal” milk. It is sterilised before canning. Can be used to make custard or sauces,pumpkin pie, rice pudding or fluffy jelly.

Condensed milk is evaporated milk with sugar added. It is not sterilised, the high concentration of sugar preserves it. It is three times as concentrated as “normal” milk. Often used to make cheesecake, banoffie pie, toffee, caramel and fudge.

What is the difference between rasins, currants and sultanas?

The variety of grape used to produce them.

Raisins – Moscatel or Thompson seedless  – white grapes

Currants – dried black grapes (originally from Greece)

Sultanas – dried white grapes (originally from Turkey)

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New Research – Proteins in Psoriasis Plaques.

May 28, 2010 1 comment

This study interested me, it’s nice to know a little about what is different between normal skin cells and psoriasis skin cells.

New research promises to pry some long held secrets from one of humanity’s oldest known diseases. Scientists at Rockefeller University have discovered how to parse the most troublesome cells behind the debilitating skin lesions in psoriasis and have identified several distinctive markers that suggest how they might be contributing to the disease
Dendritic cells, which are believed to be fundamental contributors to the diseasedendritic cells expressed a host of genes that differentiated them from the resident dendritic cells. Among them were molecules known as TNF-related apoptosis inducing ligand (TRAIL), Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) 1 and 2, and others that could fuel inflammatory pathways

Plain Dress Link

Home – Quakerpedia, the Quaker encyclopedia

Plain dress, style of clothing

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Psoriasis in Nails = Arthritis in finger joints?

Psoriatic Arthritis: eMedicine Rheumatology

Involvement of DIP joints correlates moderately well with psoriasis in adjacent nails, although this is not an invariable association.

A Clinician’s Guide to Psoriatic Arthritis (?) Google books search psoriatic spondyhloarthropathy

Spondyloarthropathy is not a specific diesase. Instead it is a pattern of arthritis or inflammation that may occur in adults or children with a variety of underlying conditons. Spondyloarthropathy means arthritis involving the back.

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what does that word mean?

Ankylosis – stiffness or fusion of a joint (from the Greek word “bent”)

Excrescences (eks-KRESS-en-sus) – bony outgrowth (also called enthesophytes)

Periosteal new bone formation(periostisis)

Distinctive musculoskeletal features of spondyloarthritis diseases:
1)Spondylitis – Inflammation of the vertebral disks.
2)Sacroiliitis – Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint.
3)Enthesitis – Inflammation of the entheses, the regions of bone where tendons and
ligaments insert

syndesmophyte (“an osseous excrescence attached to a
ligament”). Subperiosteal new bone formation ensues and vertebrae change from a normal
hourglass shape to a more square shape.

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What Quakers Belive/What a meeting is like

Quakers – encyclopedia article – Citizendium

They believe that a true church is created by the fellowship of man rather than a building people meet in to worship. Small groups of Quakers gather weekly for devotion in “meetings” where members usually sit together silently in a bare room, waiting for the Inward Christ to speak through one of them who may be inspired to “give testimony.” There is no altar, no recitation of prayers, and no hymn singing at the meeting

From the beginning, Quakers have had an aversion to set creeds. For this reason, while most would agree that Quakerism is a Christian tradition, there are growing numbers, especially in the United Kingdom and other places where the liberal unprogrammed tradition predominates, who do not personally regard themselves as Christian, instead identifying as non-theist, humanist, agnostic, universalist or in some cases as belonging to another religious tradition. Quakers – encyclopedia article – Citizendium


In the Quaker faith, the word “testimony” is used to describe a “living truth within the human heart as it is acted out in everyday life.”[4] A testimony differs from a creed in that they are spiritually, inwardly governed by the individual and are not imposed upon the membership. They serve as basic guidelines to live by, with the flexibility to be interpreted by the individual “under the Light.”

* Testimony of Peace – This is the testimony that Quakers are most known for. It stems from their belief in human equality and their conviction that love is at the heart of existence. Quakers live this testimony by being actively involved in peace activism.
* Testimony of Simplicity – The call for simple living and resisting the temptation of material dependencies in order to maintain spiritual responsiveness.
* Testimony of Truth and Integrity – The belief that truth should be spoken in all aspects of life.
* Testimony of Equality – The belief that all humans are of equal spiritual worth. It rejects the social class hierarchy and encourages equal treatment in all areas for all human beings.

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