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Why singing helps

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

I wondered if there were others in that cathedral with rheumatoid arthritis. If there were people there with cancer, with MS, recovering from surgery, grieving loss. How many of us were in pain? But our harmonies lifted above all of that; they rose, with the great ringing of the organ, into the rafters and into the night. Beyond all of us.

I’ve sung in choirs for years, although I don’t have either the time/energy right now. When I sang I never really thought about others, I never thought if other people were in pain (or not). I know I feel less pain when I sing, probably because I’m concentrating on something else but concerts and rehearsals do involve a lot of standing (usually in cold, draughty buildings).

I love to sing because it is such a physical act; but I also love to sing because the music I produce is incorporeal. It thrusts out and away from these sore, stiff bones, this heart that doesn’t know quite what to do with itself.

Music heals. I guess.  If not physically then mentally, it gives you a break. Something else to concentrate on. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some singing this Christmas. Is singing worship? For me personally?  It depends.  Occasionally it is, usually it isn’t. It’s just something I enjoy doing.



November 14, 2009 Leave a comment

This random person walking the other direction said to me ‘I’ll pray for the Lord to heal you!’

I said, “Well, He made my genetic disorder, so I think I’m stuck this way.”

LOL!  This was in the comments section and really made me laugh!  I think that’s why I like quakers, you can be a quaker without having to go round and “inflict” your faith on all and sundry. I’d be so insulted if someone called out to me in the street.  Evangelicalism is not for me.

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