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Genes and Psoriatic Arthritis – CARD15

Okay, this is not exactly earth shattering, but today I watched a couple of videos that I found useful.They were on “Insider Medicine

If I had scaly plaques on my Elbows and Knees


If Ihad joint symptoms indicative of arthritis

In one of the videos they stated that natives of Newfoundland, Canada had higher rates of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  This interested me so I looked it up.  If you have adobe reader, you can download this pdf, called “The Newfoundland Population” from the scientific journal “Human Molecular Genetics”

Basically, from what I can gather, Newfoundland is relatively remote and inbred so there are more genetic diseases (including psoriatic arthritis) than you would expect by chance.  In 71% of Newfoundlanders with psoriatic arthritis there is a particular mutation in a gene called CARD15 (which stands for Caspase Recruitment domain). Interstingly this genetic defect isn’t found in Italians , Germans or Americans with psoriatic arthritis However a similar genetic defect is found in CARD15 in Scottish and Irish people with Crohns disease.  I thought this was interesting. It’s funny how history and biology combine.