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New Quaker Centre

October 10, 2009 Leave a comment

The new quaker centre opened in London this week (3rd october 2009), I’ve not been, but if I get the chance I would love to visit, especially the book shop, I can spend hours in bookshops!

It is also Quaker Week, this link tells you a lot more about quakers and you can search for meetings in your area.

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Quaker Rap – Now you’ve seen it all…

I didn’t make it to meeting this week, I ended up playing in the park with my kids.  I will go next week, I need some  quiet time.

Anyway, I found this video*, it made me smile.  I’m not sure if it’s staged? (I mean, who videos a Quaker meeting, with trumpets and trombones at the ready? Surely you only speak when the spirit moves you and this all looks pretty premeditated to me… )

Anyway, it (supposedly) happened in a Quaker meeting in America.  I can’t see anyone pulling that off in a UK meeting, but I’d love to be there if they did  🙂

* If you can’t see it you probably need to install flash (or some other software), check your pop-up blocker or firewall. If the link is broken search for Jon Watts (Quaker Dance Party on YouTube).

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